Is your car due it’s MOT during lockdown?

With England entering its second lockdown this week, many people are wondered what the rules and regulations are regarding MOT’s. During the first lockdown, MOT’s were extended by 6 months giving people plenty of time to get them done at a later stage. This is because many of the car garages were shut or running with a very limited number of staff. This lockdown is slightly different as although there may still be some staff shortages, car garages are open and still doing MOT’s. The government have not allowed for a second extension on the MOT’s this time so it is imperative that it is carried out on time.

Ideally you want to try and get your MOT done early rather than later. MOT’s can be done one month in advance whilst maintaining the renewal date. Leaving a MOT until the day it expires is not recommend as it leaves you no time to get it done prior to the old one expiring. If the car still has a valid MOT then you can still drive it if it fails as long as the failure is only something minor. If the MOT has already expired and it then fails you cannot drive it.