What is a car diagnostic check?

If your car has developed a fault or have warning lights come up on your dashboard, then a garage may recommend that you have a diagnostic run on your vehicle. This can range in price from £30 upwards to £100 depending on where you take it. So what exactly is a car diagnostic check and how can it help with a fault? All modern vehicles have an on-board computer inside them which is linked up by sensors to different components within your car. These computers monitor things such as engine temperature, oxygen levels and replay issues and any faults found are stored on the on-board computer in a series of fault codes.  These fault codes need to be read by specialist equipment called a diagnostic machine. Not all garages have...
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Lights that will not go out

Have you ever had it on your car where a light comes up on the dash such as brakes need replacing or bulb gone and after you have replaced the part or fixed the issue the light on the car dashboard is still on? This can be frustrating and can cause problems when it comes to selling a car as people are dubious about buying a car showing faults. Often the car will need to be taken to a garage that can put it on a diagnostic machine and reset the code before it will be removed. This may cost you about £30 to do so, but do contact a few different garages for quotes as you may find one cheaper and main dealers are often not the most competitively...
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Health check for your car

You may have heard people say that they are going to the doctors for a “MOT” this is essentially an all over health check where the doctor will check the your stats such as blood pressure, cholesterol and often a urine sample to see if you have any health issues. Well you may be surprised to hear that you can get a very similar thing for your car. An MOT is carried out once every 12 months for cars that are over three years old, but within this 12 months many issues can arise. Lots of garages offer a free health check for your car where they will check the main components such as brakes, fluid levels, lights and tyres. Even if your MOT is due shortly, you may want...
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Fault code diagnostic on your car

Most of us have had a time when we have been driving in our car and a light comes up on the dashboard. Depending on what this light is, it may be a warning that there is a serious fault and it may also put your car in to a “limp mode” limiting the speed you can do. Cars often go in to this mode to stop you driving the car too fast and causing more damage and making you less likely to drive it unless taking it for repairs. If your airbag light comes on, it may mean there is a fault with the airbag but it can just need resetting. This often happens if the battery has been off the vehicle for a while. The majority of cars...
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What can you get from a Diagnostics Engine Device?

Many garages have their own engine diagnostics testing devices but the fact is they have become rather affordable for general motorists. This type of device aims to give the mechanic or the car owner an idea on the problems with the engine, and if you have a light come on, on your dashboard, then a diagnostics device will be able to read the fault and erase it. The device connects to the engine’s ECU and because more and more car’s rely on electrics, it’s important to be able to understand exactly what’s going on. This type of device does require a good amount of mechanic knowledge, and it can actually be an excellent device to use, especially before a service or an MOT.