Easy car maintenance you can do at home

With the cost of pretty much everything rising at the moment you may be looking to avoid any unexpected expenses, one of the ways you can do this with your car is to take care of the basic maintenance yourself at home.

First check your washer fluid, ensure that you use professional screen wash as these contain degreasing agents and antifreeze to protect your pipes in the winter months. It’s actually illegal to drive with no washer fluid so make sure you keep it topped up at all times.

Next check your oil level, this can be done with the dip stick which will indicate the correct fluid level, if it’s running low then check your car manual for the correct oil to use.

Coolant levels should also regularly be checked as these keep your engine cool whilst the car is running and if the coolant gets too low your engine could overheat causing serious damage.  

Another important check you should make regularly is your tyre pressure, it should tell you in your car manual and usually on a sticker inside the car door frame what pressure your tyres should be. Ensuring your tyres are inflated to the correct level allows your car to run more efficiently but more importantly massively improves your safety whilst driving.