Checking boot space in a car

Before committing to buying a new or used car be sure to check the boot capacity if space is important to you. You need to think carefully about how much space you need. Many people assume that most 5 seater cars have a similar amount of boot space but this is not correct. Also just because it is advertised as a 5 seater, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will fit five adults in without a struggle. If you need to put car seats in the back, again you will often struggle to get three across the back seats.

 Some cars have a lot of room for the passengers but the boot is very small meaning you struggle to get your weekly shopping in let alone a pushchair or have somewhere for your dog to travel.

Some cars appear to have a large boot, but when you look at the way it is configured, you may find that much of the space is wasted due to raised wheel arches or built in side cupboards. Estate cars also vary massively in boot space.

When going to look at different cars, it may be worth taking your pushchair with you and trying it in the boot to check that it fits with space around it for shopping etc. Seven seaters offer may have a smaller boot space but you can often remove the one or two of the rear seats to make more room.