Defrosting your windscreen

It’s that time of year again where you rush out of the house in the morning (normally late for work!) and you see that your car is completely frozen over. So what’s the best way to defrost it quickly?

Start the engine – Firstly you need to try to get the car warm, which in modern cars with stop start can be a bit of a pain as they don’t tend to warm up properly until you are moving. Turn the hot blowers on full and switch on the rear heated screen.

De-icer – this is by far the quickest method of removing the ice however it does tend to leave a greasy film over your windscreen that seems to smear once the ice has gone and you have your windscreen wipers on.

Scraper – this is a good method of removing the ice without using any harsh chemicals however it can be a bit time consuming not to mention it turning your hands into blocks of ice!

If you’re organised enough you can put an old towel over your screen the night before. This does limit the ice that forms, but doesn’t tend to stop it completely.

NEVER pour boiling water onto the screen, no matter how tempting it might be! A cracked windscreen will certainly cost you much more money and time than just waiting to properly clear the ice.