Finding new wheel trims for your vehicle

If your car or van only has steel wheels and not alloys then you may wish to add a set of wheel trims. Steel wheels can look a little unsightly, especially if the wheels are corroded. You can often pick up a set of wheel trims for around £20. Wheel trims are plastic covers that fit over the top of the steel wheels. They are usually fairly straight forward to fit although you may need to apply some pressure to get them to click in to place. Wheel trims do have a habit of coming off from time to time so if possibly, it is best to cable tie them on to the steel wheel in a few different places.

IF you want something a little more permanent then why not invest in a set of alloy wheels. Alloy wheels do cost a lot more but if looked after, they should not need to be replaced.  A new set of alloy wheels can start at around three hundred pounds upwards of a couple of thousand depending on the make of the wheels and the model of car and wheel size needed. Make sure you know what size wheels should be on the car and ideally try and get the same size alloys. You may be able to go up one size, but be aware that adding alloys to a vehicle that does not have them as standard may increase your insurance premium.