How do I know if my brakes need replacing?

Brakes are a particularly important part of your vehicle. It is important to check your brakes are working before any journey, especially if you have not used the car in a while or you are going on a long journey.

Brakes wear down as the car is driven more often but they can also need attention if the car has been sat standing for several months as this can cause them to seize. People often are not aware that their brakes need replacing until it comes to their MOT. This means they may have been driving around for months without realising that their brakes were not operating as efficiently as they should have been.

If you hear a squealing or griding noise when you apply the brakes then you will most likely need at least the pads changing. It may be that if the pads are worn that low and started to damage the discs that these will need to be replaced too. It is better to get them changed at the same time if they need doing as this will save on labour costs.

Shop around for quotes from different garages as changing brake pads and discs are a quite common job that is done so they should be able to give you a price quite easily.