Auto Repair

Keeping MOT costs down

MOT’s can be scary for many car owners as they may not know what work is required until they have the MOT done. From the initially £40 approx. for the MOT test, the final bill can often go up by hundreds on cars requiring quite a bit of work to get it to pass.

There are a few things that you can do to try and keep your MOT costs as low as possible. Firstly try and find a garage that you trust. Although the MOT test is very strict, unfortunately there are same garages that will take advantage of a test and quote for work that does not really need doing. When carrying out some recent online research I was surprised to find that many garages offer a MOT for as little as £20 which can be more than half of other garages.

One item an MOT will cover is lights and bulbs. Making sure that they are all working prior to taking it in for a test can save the time of it failing and having to be retested and allows you to buy the bulbs as cheaply as possible rather than paying garage costs.