Keeping up with car services

A car service can cover a number of things depending on what car it is, the age and mileage. Many older cars are recommended to be serviced once a year or every ten thousand miles (whichever comes first), but some newer models now have long life servicing meaning they only need to be done every 20,000 miles or two years.

When a car is still within its manufacturer’s warranty, the servicing is essential to ensuring the warranty is valid as if it is not done on time or missed completely, this can effective void the warranty. Some manufacturers also stipulate that the service must be carried out by a main dealership.

Costs of services vary depending on where you have it done and which service is due. Most cars require a smaller service and then a major service every few years. The service can actually improve the performance of the car in terms of power and fuel economy so it is well worth doing. It can also help to prevent issues with oil filter etc.