Top tips for car care

Whether you have a brand new car or an older one the car will last you longer and cost you less money in the long run if you look after it.

Some simple tips on looking after your car will keep it looking great and performing at its best.

Regular services are key to avoiding major issues further down the line so paying out little and often could save you more money.

Keeping your car clean is also important as if you leave bird poo on the paintwork of the car it will fairly quickly damage the lacquer of the pain leaving marks that cannot easily be removed. The same can happen from wet rotting leaves and fruit falling onto the car from parking under a tree. To avoid this you should wash any of the above off the paintwork as soon as you spot it.

With a diesel, it’s particularly important that you don’t let the fuel tank run down to low. In a fuel tank, you tend to get sediment falling down to the bottom of the tank causing a bit of sludge if the fuel runs too low this sludge can then enter the engine and either cause problems with the diesel particulate filter or the engine itself both can be very costly to sort out.