What should you do if you’re involved in a car accident?

Having a car accident is a terrible and scary thing, even if you are not hurt you can often feel very shaken for a number of days and often it can take a bit of time before you feel ready to drive again.

If you are involved in a car accident it is very important to try and remain calm. Firstly try to make sure that your vehicle is stationary and not going to move by applying the handbrake and turning the engine off. Once you have done this you need to check if anyone else has been involved and if they are ok. Depending on where you are and how bad the accident is you may need to call the police and an ambulance to help with the situation.

If no one is hurt seriously then you need to exchange insurance details with the other person. If there are any witnesses that have stopped, it is important to try and get their name and phone number and possibly their reg number too should anyone need to contact them later on. It is sometimes a good idea to take photos of the cars in situ in case there are any disagreements between insurance companies about liability.