Where is the best place to purchase a used car from?

Many of us would love to be able to buy a brand new car but simply cannot afford too. For every new car sold in the UK there are about three used ones sold. Buying a used car always carrys an element of risk. You may be buying a car off a complete stranger and have no idea of the history, if it has been looked after or even if the mileage is accurate. You will have to rely on the information you have such as service history and previous MOT’s. Even if you buy a car off someone you know and trust, they may not be aware of an outstanding issues which could only arise after you have purchased the vehicle.

Ideally, you want to try and buy a car with some sort of a warranty. Some garages will give you three months to 12 months warranty (often depending on how much the car was, the age and mileage). Buying a car from a garage will probably cost you more than buying from a private seller but can give you a little extra piece of mind. If you are given the option of buying a warranty or extended warranty, be sure to check exactly what is covered by it as it may only cover major parts and may not be worth while having.