Roadside assistance or recovery of your vehicle

If you have breakdown cover then you will probably have to have decided whether to take out additional levels of cover for recovery for example. Most breakdown companies include recovery to a destination usually within 10 miles for free but if you break down 60 miles away from your home, you will have to fork out yourself to have the car recovered to your home address.

Upping your level of cover can mean that you can be recovered from anywhere in the UK and bring back to a local garage or your home. This can then allow you some time to decide what you want to do and shop around for quotes from garages. If they recover you at a time when the garage is closed, then they will often offer a service where they will pick the car up the next day and take it to the garage for you.

All roadside recovery agents will try and fix your car on the side of the road and get you on your way again. Although this may take a little while and is often a little inconvenient, it can also make life a lot easier by allowing you to continue your journey and giving you time to plan.