The new diagnostic equipment being sold by many breakdown companies

Breaking down is a nightmare and it usually happens at the most inconvenient time like on a motorway or when you are miles away from home on a dark, wet night. Breakdown cover can cost as little as £5 per month and is well worth having for peace of mind, as one call out can cost you in excess of £100 if you are not with a breakdown company.

Breakdown companies are always trying to advance and offer their customers a reliable and effective service and recently many of them have started to offer equipment to try and prevent a breakdown. These boxes plug into the port inside your vehicle which is linked up to the onboard computer. It can read faults that the care is displaying and check on the health of your battery. They each work slightly different, but they all have some sort of method of alerting you to an issue with your vehicle. Although they will not pick up all faults they have been shown to cut breakdowns down by a third of people using them. Preventing a breakdown can save you time and money and allow you that extra peace of mind and happy motoring.