Are automatic cars less economical?

When it comes to choosing your next car, you need to consider what factors are important for you. It may be that looks and engine performance are the main things or perhaps it’s more safety and comfort or maybe boot space and leg room. Each of us have our own idea of the perfect car for us and know what it is we need out of a vehicle at that time. Some people need to have a large family car but it’s not really what they want so they may end up getting a second car that they can use at other times.

You also need to decide on what sort of engine you would like. Do you want a petrol or diesel, what engine size should you go for and do you want a petrol or manual. If you only passed your tear in an automatic car then you will only have a license to drive automatics. Otherwise, you can chose which one to drive. Automatics can often be less economical as the car tends to change gear later than you would if it were a manual. The later you change gear the higher the revs go which in turn uses more fuel.