Has your car been neglected during lockdown?

Many of us have not covered as many miles in our cars over the last 12 months as usual. There have been times when the country has been in a strict lockdown and all but essential travel was banned. Even at times when you were allowed to go out, many of us have chosen not too or have had no where to go anyway so it may be that your car has hardly moved. It is often not good for a car to be left stood still for a number of weeks or months on end as things can start to perish and rust. It is vital that if your car has been stood still for a long period of time that you check it is safe to drive before setting off on a journey. One very important component to check is the brakes. These can easily become seized which can either mean they do not work when you press the pedal or they are always suck on when you start to drive which will ruin the calliper and disc and pad.

Ideally before you start using the car again, you should book it in to have at least a mini service or a safety check at a local garage. This will allow them to check that everything is in good working order before you start to drive it. Although this is an upfront cost, it may well save you money in the long run as problems can be picked up quickly and rectified before they can do further damage.