Look out for signs that your car is struggling this winter

At this time of the year especially many of us rely on our cars to get us to the shops, to take the children to school or to get to work and it can be frustrating when they let us down or are not running as they should. It is important to be aware of the signs that our cars are struggling during the winter months as there are things we can do to prevent some of the breakdowns that can happen.

The first thing to notice is whether the battery appears to be less able to make the engine start. It could be that you need to use more acceleration to get the engine to fire or you may notice a sluggishness in the sound of the engine starting up. If you do notice any of these signs it is advisable to get the battery checked at the garage. The mechanic will be able to carry out a health check on the battery and see whether it needs replacing.

Should you find that the vehicle has reduced grip on icy roads it could be that either the car tyres are worn or that they are not suitable for winter driving conditions. A quick check will show if they are worn and need replacing and depending on the amount of driving that you do at this time of the year it may be worth changing the tyres for winter ones with more road grip.