Auto Repair

Making sure you don’t pay over the odds for tyres

If you are a car owner then you need to be sure that you look after and maintain it well. If you neglect your tyres and drive your vehicle with flat, worn, damaged or under/over inflated tyres, you run the risk of a serious accident. You can also get points on your licence which may have a knock on effect on the cost of your insurance as well as possibly even your job.

Tyres can be very expensive with people often having to fork out in excess of £300 for a set of four new tyres. There are so many options available to your when it comes to buying tyre it can all get a little confusing and you may not know which ones you should buy.

You have the option of buying new or part worn tyre. New tyres are often categorised into budgets, mid range and premium and the price goes up accordingly.

 Although you would assume the more you spend on the tyres the longer, they will last, this is not always the case. Each tyre has its own ratings for things like fuel economy, noise, wet grip etc. IT is also worth checking all of these before committing to a purchase.