Repair or replace your vehicle exhaust pipe

For many car owners the first they know that their vehicle exhaust pipe needs attention is the noise it makes and many do not realise that a damaged exhaust pipe leads to reduced engine performance and fuel efficiency so it is important if you suspect that there is a problem with your vehicle exhaust system that you have it checked by a mechanic. Should there be an issue then whether to replace the whole exhaust, part of it (as it comes in sections) or repair it will depend on how badly it is damaged.

Replacing an exhaust system is costly but if most of the pipe is corroded it is probably the best option. Most garages will be able to quote for this but there are specialist exhaust centres that may be cheaper. Always get a quote for the work and shop around for the best deal.

If there is a hole in one part of the exhaust pipe it may be possible to repair it. There are several options to consider the first being repair paste. This is applied to the exhaust pipe and left to set for a few hours however this should only be seen as a temporary repair. Another solution is to use repair tape, but this can be fiddly to fit. Whichever method is used it will require the vehicle being raised up to enable easy access to the underside, a dangerous proposition for the novice and certainly not attempted using jacks.