Using a local garage for servicing verses using a dealership

It is of utmost importance to keep our vehicles in a good roadworthy condition making sure that it has an up to date MOT certificate and that it is serviced regularly but how important is it that we use one of the large car dealership service centres for these services? Is it equally as good to use a smaller local garage for our services?

If you do not feel capable of carrying out minor maintenance work on your vehicle yourself then you will need to employ the services of a mechanic to do this for you. Shopping around for a good deal on servicing is a must as prices vary considerably. Local garages are a good place to start and are usually a lot cheaper than car dealership service centres. Reviews from previous customers can be referred to and asking family and friends which companies they have used is also a good strategy.

Many people choose to take their vehicle to a dealership service centre as they feel that they will be guaranteed a better level of service however there is no basis to this argument and as long as your local garage is known to be reputable and trustworthy it is probably the wisest choice if you want a service that is fairly priced.