Why a job in the motoring industry may be worth more than you think

If you are in the process of deciding on a new career then you may wish to consider a job in the motor industry. Many car dealerships offer their employees great incentives and even if these are not written into your contract you may find that they are willing to help you out from time to time.

With car running costs amongst one of the highest annual bills a person has, any money you can save on this has got to be a good thing. Most garages offer employees a very reasonable discount on parts and labour, often selling tyres etc. at cost price meaning you simply cannot find a better deal. This can save you hundreds of pounds over the year on serving and repairs and you can often get work done at short notice.

If they have rental or courtesy cars you may also find that you are able to borrow one at little or no cost should you find yourself without a car and you may get to test drive a car for a day or so that you are interested in buying before having to commit to the sale.

If you are in a position to buy a new car again you can often get a huge discount or even buy a part exchange car that has come in from a customer, at cost price. This differs from garage to garage but if you are proving to be a good employee then they will often lend a helping hand to any car troubles you have.