Why is your car wobbling when driving away?

Wobbles and shakes in vehicles can be very common but that does not mean that there isn’t something wrong that needs to be looked at. Sometimes you can tell what the problem is by understanding when the car shakes and wobbles. If for example, you notice a vibration through the steering wheel which gets worse at speed it can often be due to poor balancing of the wheels. If the car is pulling to one side it is usually your tracking is out and you need the wheels aligned.

The tyres can often be one of the main reasons for vibrations or wobbles on the vehicle as listed above but also the tread and condition of the tyre can have a huge impact.

If your car is wobbling when pulling off in 1st gear and it feels like its wheel spinning then it may well be. Cars with very little or no tread simply struggle to grip the road and so spin when pulling away, you may find that this is worse when you try to accelerate at the same time. This needs to be rectified immediately as it can not only get you a fine and points on your license but can cause a serious accident.