Buying a used car – what to look out for

When you are considering buying a used car there are a number of details to identify before you begin your search. The financial constraints are probably going to be the main concern for most people when deciding on a vehicle and this may influence your decision on where to buy the vehicle from however it is worth remembering that many dealerships offer finance over a number of years and if you qualify it may be a good way of getting a better vehicle for your money.

The size of the car needs to thought about as it is not a good idea to have a car that is bigger than you need for instance if you only go to the local shops on a regular basis it would not be worthwhile or cost effective to have a vehicle with a large engine, but if you want your car to tow a caravan a car with a bigger engine would be needed.

The type of fuel the car uses is becoming a greater consideration as some older diesel cars which contribute towards higher pollution into the atmosphere are being phased out and may be subject to congestion charges or even banned from our towns and cities in the future.

If at all possible, buy a used car that has twelve months MOT and a warranty on it as this gives you some peace of mind even if the warranty is only for a short period.