Does buying a car on finance mean you won’t have issues?

You may usually buy a car outright so often spend less than a few thousand pounds on one. If you want a newer car then you may have to find a way to finance it yourself. You may decide to take out a personal loan or maybe you will choose car finance. Whichever you choose, don’t automatically assume that you will not have any issues with the car. It can be devastating to find hat you have spent thousands on a car only to have to have repairs done to it a few months down the line. When buying a car, you need to check what warranty you have with it and what exactly is covered. Lots of second hand car garages will give you 6-12 months warranty on older vehicles but this may only cover major engine components. If you are buying a car that is around 60-70 thousand miles on the click then you may want to check if it needs a cam belt change. Lots of vehicles have chain belts not so they don’t really need to be changed that often but if it does need changing then it is worth asking the garage if they will do that for you before you buy it. Often you can get the garage to do small jobs such as cam belt change or a service included in the price of the vehicle.