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Organising breakdown cover when travelling in your car

If you have got to do a lot of travelling over the festive season then you should make sure that you have adequate breakdown cover to help you out should you be in need of it.

Breakdown cover is not mandatory for drivers in England but without it you may run the risk of been left stranded and having to fork out hundreds for recovery costs should you break down or have an accident. This is the last thing you want any time of year but especially during Christmas.

Breakdown cover is usually offered at different levels depending on what cover you need. The basic cover usually involves them collecting you from the roadside and taking you to the nearest garage. Bear in mind that if this happens you will then have to arrange for your car to be taken to another garage if you want to use someone else or to have the vehicle recovered back to your home. The more expensive breakdown packages often include recovery to any destination in the UK, overnight accommodation and also home start. This is the best package if you want complete piece of mind but you may have to pay around £20-£30 per month for it which can be a lot to fork out.