Should you do a driving course?

There are a number of different driving courses that you can attend. You may have to do a driving course such as a speed awareness course to avoid getting points or a fine if you have been caught speeding. These courses are designed to teach drivers car safety and make them aware of the dangers involved in speeding and how your actions can affect others.  

Although many people resent having to go on one of these courses, they can prove extremely useful and have proven to lower speeding cases. If you can avoid getting points on your license then you can avoid having an increase in your premium when you come to tell your insurance company.

Some insurers will not insure you if you have too many points on your license and you can get your license taken off you altogether if you go over the limited number of points set by the DVLA.

Other courses are also available such as advanced driver course which some employers request their staff go on. These course can be booked directly by a member of the public or by a business. They can often lower your insurance premium as well as giving you more confidence when driving.