How important are the photos, when selling your car

Photos can have a massive impact on how successful your advert is on a selling website or in a newspaper. This is normally true for all products as without quality images you may struggle to engage an interest in your ad.
You should never list a car without images as it makes people think you have something to hide and the majority of the public will not even bother to read your ad without an image. Ideally you want to include images from a few different angles from inside and outside of the car. You may also want to photograph the tyres, instrument panel (with mileage on show) and boot space to give your viewers all the details they need.
Before photographing the vehicle you need to get it ready. Give it a really good clean inside and out and make sure you use a good quality camera. Ideally take the car to a nice location to photograph it as you will be surprised to see what a difference the surroundings can make. First impressions are vital when it comes to sales ads, you may only get one chance to capture someone’s interest in your advert, so it’s vital that you give it the best chance. A car that appears dirty will give the impression that it has not been looked after and that the dirt could be hiding a multitude of sins.