What does that smell say about your car?

No, we don’t mean the old MacDonald’s wrapper or half-drunk bottle of milk that is left in your vehicle, we are talking about smells that are coming from your vehicle when it is running. If you notice a certain smell when using your car it is very important to try and establish quickly where it is coming from. If you have your fans on, it may be that you are picking up smells from the outside or even from the car in front of you, but if after opening the window you realise the smell is confined to your vehicle, then it’s time to do some investigating.

Below are some common smells that you may discover and what they may mean:

Rotten eggs – this is often linked to the catalytic converter. This can be the first sign of an issue and should be checked out by a mechanic. If left this could lead to costly repairs.

Petrol or Diesel – IF you are at a filling station then you can expect to smell these smells but if you notice it often when starting the car or driving it may be an indication of a fuel leak somewhere. This can not only you cost you in loss of fuel but can be dangerous. You should take the car into a garage to be checked as soon as possible.