Car maintenance you can do yourself

With the costs of maintaining a car rising all the time many people are looking in to ways they can cut down on serving and repairs but doing some of it themselves.
Services for cars range from a few hundred pounds depending on what garage you use, what service is due and the make and model of the vehicle. During a service many consumable repairs are replaced and the car is often given a once over to check for obvious repairs that may need to be done.
Replacing filters is a large part of a service and these filters can be purchased by anyone at a reasonable cost. You can usually buy the filters for less than the garage will charge you for them and often do not need specialist tools to change them.
You oil is a vital component in the vehicle that will keep it running correctly. No oil or oil that is really dirty can have disastrous effects on a car engine and can mean the car will not start or drive. When changing the oil filter and replacing the oil be sure that you get the correct one for your make and model of vehicle.